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Container Solutions

Battery Storage Container

Industrial battery storage plays a central role in the energy transition and provides a crucial component for a sustainable and reliable energy supply.

Our industrial battery storage solutions help operators increase self-consumption and optimize the energy cost, ensuring a more environmentally friendly energy supply.

Discover more about container solutions.

  • Pre-installed battery container all-in-one solution – Capacity up to the MWh range
  • In-house power and control electronics – Perfectly tuned with highest efficiency
  • Latest cell technology – Highest quality and safety
  • Modular scalability – stackable containers

  • Commercial and industrial plants – Peak Shaving, Time of Use, self-consumption optimization
  • Buffer storage for EV fast charging – increase of usable power
  • Control power – balancing grid fluctuations
  • Urban district storage or new buildings – Transformer load relief

Total Gross Capacity

436/474/948/1066/1896/2133 kWh

Cell type


Reliable Energy Storage Solutions

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Energy Management
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