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Data Center Solutions

Data centers are essential for every organization, irrespective of their size or industry sector. Pramac offers reliable solutions that deliver the best available technology and a support network offering industry-leading expertise, improving performance and efficiency in data center management and operations.

Edge Solutions

Edge is about reaching end users wherever they are. It is about moving compute infrastructure to reach remote end users and building out increased density in the major centers with high density of end users and devices.

Edge data centers are the miniature facilities that will house the servers and networking infrastructure, enabling data to be stored and processed at the edge, rather than in a distant data center.

Traditional, Cloud, and Colocation Solutions

A traditional data center is a physical facility used by companies to store their information as well as other applications, crucial for their functioning. Data centers require a significant amount of infrastructure, including backup generators, ventilation and cooling systems, continuous power supplies, and more. same applies to cloud services providers and colocators.

Cloud computing is a service usually delivered by a cloud platform provider that includes its own set of tools and technologies.

Colocation is a strategic move in the age of digital transformation, allowing businesses to rent space for its infrastructure in a data centre.

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