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PWB Series – New Pramac portable power stations

Pramac, the world leader in energy solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its new series of portable power stations, the PWB Series. This innovative line represents a significant step forward in the world of portable energy, offering versatile and reliable solutions to power a wide range of electronic devices and small appliances.

Founded in 1966, Pramac has built a solid reputation through the continuous expansion and diversification of its product portfolio. From generators to battery power storage systems, lighting towers and material handling equipment, Pramac has become a global benchmark in the industry. Now, with the PWB series, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and the satisfaction of customers’ energy needs.

With the aim of empowering individuals to break free from conventional energy constrains, Pramac has designed and developed the new PWB Series. Pramac new power stations offer reliable and portable energy, especially in emergency situations or for outdoor activities.

These portable batteries are ideal for anyone who needs to power devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, and even small appliances such as portable stoves, hair dryers, electric kettles, and drills.

They are equipped with wireless charger, Schuko sockets, parallel connector for a power of up to 3600W, DC car sockets, USB-C and USB A-Fast ports. In addition, the extremely fast wall charger allows you to recharge 80% of the battery in an hour. The presence of a connector for solar panels allows a sustainable power supply, reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring continuous energy even in remote places.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries used in PWB power stations are known for their long life and safety, making these units not only powerful but also reliable.

The combination of innovation, sustainability and power in a versatile solution makes PWB portable power stations an indispensable ally for anyone who needs reliable energy, wherever they are.

Embrace freedom beyond limits with Pramac PWB Power Stations.