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Commercial & Industrial Storage Solutions

In charge of the energy revolution

Pramac develops and provides a system of integrated, synergic, sustainable and scalable Energy Storage Solutions. In today’s dynamic global energy landscape, characterized by fluctuating energy prices, emerging technologies, and shifting cultural and environmental priorities, Pramac is committed to empowering individuals and organizations to take control of their energy development opportunities.

At the heart of Pramac’s energy storage offerings lies our proprietary Energy Management System, which optimizes the performance and efficiency of Energy Storage Systems by intelligently controlling energy flow. It constantly monitors real-time parameters such as energy demand, grid conditions, and renewable energy availability,  ensuring that energy is stored, distributed, and utilized in the most efficient manner possible.

Pramac C&I Storage Systems revolutionizes the way we manage energy. By utilizing Energy Storage Systems as virtual power plants, Pramac enables customers to actively participate in grid management. These systems provide valuable services to the grid, such as load shifting, frequency regulation, voltage control, and grid stabilization, without the need for extensive physical infrastructure upgrades. This innovative approach empowers customers to play an active role in shaping the future of energy, contributing to grid stability and maximizing the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy sources.

Pramac’s integrated, sustainable, and scalable energy storage solutions, coupled with our proprietary energy management system and virtual grid services, drive the energy market revolution.

Leading supplier of power electronics • Proven technology for a wide range of battery applications • Strong team with a global partner

Reliable Energy Storage Solutions

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Energy Management
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