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About Us

Pramac – A Leading Player In The Global Markets.

Pramac’s history began in 1966, when the Campinoti family founded a construction equipment company. Pramac has always evolved, expanding its product portfolio and becoming the global benchmark for the production of generators and warehouse material handling equipment. Pramac’s diverse business lines ensure the company is a leading player in a wide variety of global markets. 

Pramac is present in more than 150 different countries, with 17 branches and 8 manufacturing plants situated in Europe, Asia and South America. It manufactures a complete and flexible product range that satisfies the full spectrum of energy needs to suit customers worldwide.

With the support of around 1100 employees and 10% of engineers, Pramac has developed technological experience, which is second to none. Pramac’s vertically integrated manufacturing processes ensure quality and optimum performances of all designed products.

All Pramac’s resources and energies are indeed dedicated to the most demanding markets, with the goal to offer products that are fit for purpose. Using top quality components and building strategic partnerships, Pramac is able to offer guaranteed product performance with global support.

2016 saw Pramac become part of the Generac group forming the world’s third largest generator and lighting tower producer. Since 2002, Pramac plays a leading role in the MotoGP World Championship, with its team “Pramac Racing” and its strong partnership with Ducati Corse.

Where To Find Us Where To Find Us

Our Racing Team.

Pramac made its debut in motorcycling, in 2002, with the launch of its own MotoGP team. In 2005, Pramac Racing began its long and successful partnership with Ducati.

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Our Racing Team Our Racing Team
Pramac People.

The Group success is directly tied to employees’ professional growth and personal well-being, combined with strong families and communities. As an inclusive workplace, PRAMAC employees embrace diversity, celebrate differences, and treat others with equality and respect.

Customer Experience.

Pramac aims at building a culture of problem solvers who proactively improve processes and solutions that increase the differentiation and value Pramac delivers to customers.

Continuous Improvement.

Pramac applies the lean thinking to operational process, bringing effective and systematic benefits in quality and productivity improvement, increasing service level, workers satisfaction and reducing costs. This approach guarantees to the organizations a continuous, sustainable and long-term growth.

Technology Leadership.

Pramac’s mission for the future is continued growth, offering leading-edge technology and evolving to more resilient, efficient and sustainable energy solutions to support the energy transition.

Our Product Ranges.

We are Pramac, we set the global benchmark for the production of generators and warehouse material handling equipment.

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Our Latest News.

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