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Strategy and Sustainability

In its ESG Report, the Group highlights its commitment in the development of clean energy products and services.

Pramac – A Corporate Strategy to Power a Smarter World.

Pramac is a dynamic company, founded on a solid historical basis, but that leverages its versatility and flexibility to produce innovation and competitiveness.

The basis of this vibrant reality are the constant desire for growth and renewal, the culture of quality and respect for the environment, customers and employees. Indeed, as a Group we are committed to investing in the health and well-being of our employees and customers. We believe that fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace, measuring and working to improve employee engagement are crucial to our success.

We are constantly working to ensure that our products are ready to help our customers and we are incredibly proud of our employees’ contributions and commitment to that goal.

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Powering A Smarter World.

Improve Energy Resilience and Independence.

Increase power reliability through onsite generation and storage solutions that provide resiliency for homes, businesses and communities.

Optimise Energy Efficiency and Consumption.

Enable sustainable and more efficient power generation and consumption through monitoring, management and lower-carbon solutions.

Protect and Build Critical Infrastructure.

Offering innovative solutions that enable and protect next-generation power, communications, transportation and other critical infrastructure.

Our people. Customer experience. Continuous Improvement. Technology Leadership.

Our Sustainability.

As a global group, our corporate global purpose is to lead the evolution to more resilient, efficient and sustainable energy solutions with a broad suite of products that supports this energy transition.

Pramac is a leading actor in the industry that combines performance and reliability, expanding and diversifying its product offer to keep pace with the times and meet the new requirements. In order to strengthen and develop its presence on the market, Pramac produces, develops, and markets highly diversified product lines. With special after-sales customer support, Pramac ensures great efficiency and reliability all over the world.

Today’s energy grid is facing an unprecedented set of challenges, a need to transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources, spiking demand due to the increased electrification of electric vehicles, homes and consequently infrastructure instability.

In this phase of global transition from diesel to use of alternative fuels/energy sources, energy storage is the common denominator that enables alternative technologies to be used. These systems deliver clean and efficient energy solutions across a wide range of commercial and domestic applications. Pramac has today implemented a wide range of products that helps operators to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Among our solutions are mobile power banks for constructions, events, utilities, remote off-grid for commercial and domestic, EV charging. Being a global company, responding to very different scenarios in terms of energy management, Pramac will continue to offer solutions for every operational demand, both for Standby and Prime use applications with diesel and gas engine options available. Our industrial natural gas generators, in addition to their emergency use, can be a self-power generation asset, lowering or eliminating the peak of consumption from the utility and generating economic advantages for the clients.

Through strategic acquisitions and our products continuous innovations, Pramac provides solutions to maintaining essential services while responding to nowadays challenges.

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