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Diesel Generators

The main models of the Pramac offer, under the GTW Series, featuring long-running and super silent characteristics, represent today the core design to respond to the telecom application’s power needs.

GTW Series

The GTW Series presents a wide range of power solutions from 10kVA up to 70 kVA.

AC single or three phases, 50Hz or 60Hz 
DC fix or variable speed
Water cooling 
Anti-theft hinges and screws 
Metal fuel tank 
Weatherproof enclosure
Double large doors, on each side, for easy service and maintenance
Automatic control panel 

On Grid Site Application

Bad Grid Site Application

Off Grid Site Application

AC Electric Output

DC Electric Output


Affordable investment: low CAPEX solution 
Easy transportation by truck or pick-up
Retrofit super silent enclosure up to 65 dB(A) @1m
Several metal fuel tank capacities: from 80 litres up to 2000 litres
Longer maintenance intervals up to 1000hr kit free maintenance on selected models

Modular Design

The GTW Series  is specifically designed to be integrated with two specific modules :

Super Silent module
Long Running module

Super Silent

The Super Silent range is specifically designed for urban areas where low noise emissions are required:

Additional noise attenuators improving air inlet/ outlet soundproofing and performances
Super silent modules can be transported and installed on site

Long Running

Long Running models have been designed to increase running time, allowing to reduce refuelling frequency with operating cost saving up to 50%.

The modular designs allow transporting the genset & the extended fuel tank separately and assembled on site.

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