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Another step forward: the new website is now live

As part of our corporate goal to strive for innovation and continuous improvement, we have developed a new website.

The website has been updated to provide an upgraded customer experience, with a more interactive and easier-to-navigate interface.

Seamlessly integrating with the Pramac corporate website (, our new digital hub offers enhanced design and site exploration journey.

Exciting new features include:

  • Enriched commercial information with more product related images and links
  • Information integration to simplify data management
  • More flexibility to manage information, data, and products
  • Cleaning and simplification for administrators and users
  • New content management application for increased flexibility
  • Improved management of languages with automatic translation available
  • Improved brand management, not only at the product level but also at the website level
  • Filters and pagination for easier and faster navigation
  • Compare Tool to compare two or more products

Explore the new today and discover a seamless, enriched browsing experience!