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BTS Solutions

Pramac offers a wide range of products for BTS (Base Transceiver Station). In order to get the best power solution, there are two main factors that the operators need to consider: the type of site application and the electric input accepted by the BTS.

Site Application

Application types can be further split according to the quality of the mains power supply present into the sites, and they are commonly defined as:

sites which receive regular electricity supply, and where power outages are rare.
sites in which the grid power is available only for a limited period of time.
sites which have no mains power provision, usually located in remote areas.

Genset Electric Output

Different electric input are accepted by the BTS. It depends on the country they are located in, and / or on the technology of their infrastructures.

BTS can accept different electric input supplies:

AC alternating current 
DC direct current 
Both when different devices are installed 

The BTS have been moving more and more to DC input power sources.

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