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Evolution in Logistics is just a click away with Lifter Mobile Robotics

During LOGIMAT, the international tradeshow for intralogistics solutions and process management, Pramac presented its new business unit, Lifter Mobile Robotics, providing advanced solutions for material handling in various industrial and logistic sectors.

Lifter Mobile Robotics is built on our expertise in the field of material handling equipment, integrating the latest technologies and innovations to offer our customers efficient, flexible, and sustainable solutions. The new X-ACT series robots can indeed navigate intelligently and safely in dynamic environments, such as warehouses and factories, transporting loads of different sizes and shapes.

Our plug & play technology seamlessly integrates into warehouses, without the need for additional infrastructure, ensuring maximum safety. Plus, our user-friendly technologies are quick and easy to use, and provide a fast return on investment.

X-ACT ensure complete control of your operations from anywhere, at any time.

Discover more about the range here!