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Murcia Mobile Days 2023: technological innovations and sustainable energy solutions by Pramac Generac

From April 17th to May 19th, the Murcia Mobile Days 2023 took place at the Spanish facility of Pramac Generac in Murcia, Spain. The event offered an immersive product-focus experience for the Group’s major customers. Attendees had the exclusive opportunity to participate in a series of meetings, focusing on the technological advancement of our products. They also were involved in an advanced factory tour, ending in a grand exhibition set up outside the facility.

In this 5-week-long event, the sales teams of the Group’s major European subsidiaries guided their customers through a series of meetings and seminars. These sessions were not only held by the technical-commercial department and project management but also featured some strategic partners, including engine manufacturer FPT Industrial and Deep Sea Electronics, manufacturer of the new digital controllers installed on Pramac and Generac Mobile’s gensets and lighting towers.

These expert-led panel discussions were specifically designed to create informative technical sessions to provide exceptional support to our customers. The speakers provided invaluable sales support, helping our partners to deliver optimal solutions to their customers. They also shared the “best practices” on maintenance management and operations, highlighting the Group’s effort in the evolution towards more resilient, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions. The discussions covered market trends, energy issues for the global economy, the impact of sustainability on decision-making, and the future of manufacturing industries.

Moreover, the dedicated sessions of the highly specialized staff from our strategic partners FPT and DSE, ensured that our staff were able to show, explain, and clarify any doubts about our new controlling systems, Stage V engines emission treatment systems, and remote assistance services.

After the day’s seminars, the customers were taken on an in-depth factory tour led by the Head of Operations. The Murcia site is one of the group’s largest factories, covering over 20,000 square metres and employing more than 300 skilled individuals. The five assembly lines produce more than 10,000 units per year of different gensets from 4kVA to 220kVA for different sectors such as the Mobile, Industrial, Telecom, Hybrid, Portable, and Customised solutions. Our state-of-the-art technological machinery is used for automated metal sheet processing, welding, environmental controlling systems, painting, water jet, and cutting machines.

In the courtyard outside, a wide showroom was set up displaying Pramac and Generac Mobile products. The exhibition’s purpose was to introduce customers to our finest product, our technological innovation, and their operating solutions.

Each product in the showroom was in operation, allowing guests to have complete access to the machines and their functionalities. Our Product Managers conducted live demonstrations, highlighting the possible applications and advantages for the customers. The showroom was divided into three sections, dedicated to generating sets, battery energy storage systems, and mobile lighting towers.

The generators section featured two generating sets from the recent GPW range with modular design, both equipped with a Stage V compliant engine offering low consumption and reduced polluting emissions. Additionally, we presented the brand-new hybrid generator model, the GRW60 HY, which combines a lithium battery pack and a classic diesel generator with a Stage V engine with a raw power of 60 kVA. This hybrid electric power generation system can be managed entirely by the operator, selecting different working modes based on specific requirements and expected workloads. The range of generators also included the new Twingen Stage V, the first dual-engine generator compliant with Stage V regulation, containerised and super-silenced, produced at our headquarters in Casole d’Elsa, Italy.

Also displayed in the showroom was the new BESS range produced in Rugby, at the UK factory. The range displayed three different sizes: the Off Grid LX, the size with the largest capacity; the Off Grid MX, the intermediate size; and the brand-new SX Plus 10/25, the new design of the smallest size yet still capable of storing an impressive 25 kWh and delivering up to 10 kVA of power.

For the occasion, the Off Grid LX was coupled with one of the two GPW generators, the GPW60I/FS5, to form a hybrid system that was connected to a load bank. This allowed the Product Manager to showcase real-time operations to the customers. The hybrid system, governed entirely by the BESS controller, can optimize the use of both units based on load changes, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced consumption, and lower emissions.

Finally, the showroom also had a large area dedicated to mobile lighting towers. Here were displayed the most important novelties produced by the Italian factory in Pavia. The CUBE PRO, a plug-in hybrid lighting tower from the new ‘PRO’ range. This model features an “all-in-one” power supply system, allowing the operator to choose between battery, diesel, hybrid, or plug-in mode. The CUBE PRO was connected to the Solar Kit PRO accessory, which transforms the unit into a real photovoltaic lighting tower, thus giving customers a direct demonstration of the plug&play operation of the two models. Other models on display included the CUBE Next, an exclusively battery-powered lighting tower; the TF4 portable plug-in model; and the new design of the VT-Solar, now available with a hydraulically-lifted mast, a new, higher-performance battery pack, and LED floodlights with adjustable power to regulate the illuminated area and available running time. Customers were also able to have a preview of two new lighting tower prototypes that will be launched on the market in 2024.

The Murcia Mobile Days event served as proof of the Group’s commitment to deliver environmentally sustainable models on the market that combine exceptional performance with the latest technology, for a sustainable bright future.