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Pramac and Motul Power Forward in New Excluesive Deal

PRAMAC is pleased to announce a sponsorship agreement with Motul which will be also the Official Lubricant Partner of the Pramac Racing team for the next three seasons of the MotoGP Championship. Pramac and Motul will establish a key commercial partnership for the supply of factory-level first-fill lubricants for PowerGen equipment and beyond, network service filler products and co-marketing activities. This long-term conceptual and technological collaboration will enhance the planned celebrations of the Pramac Racing team for its 20th anniversary of participation in the world’s premier motorcycle championship.

As Official Lubricant Partner, Motul will fully support the team which has been the Ducati factory-supported team since 2009.

Motul is a world-class, French-headquartered company specialised in the formulation, production and distribution of lubricants for high-tech engines (two-wheelers, cars, other vehicles and power generators), as well as lubricants for industry through its MotulTech business.

PRAMAC, part of the New York Stock Exchange listed Generac Group, has a global reach of more than 150 countries for its industrial and portable generators, lighting towers and many other crucial products used in several application like construction and industry.

Motul’s deep understanding and experience in the need for well-maintained tools, machines and engineering demonstrates the synergies between the two international companies. PRAMAC, with its experience and technical expertise, would undoubtedly boost global distributions with the high-performance products and service.

All PRAMAC’s resources and energies are indeed dedicated to the most demanding markets, with the goal to offer products that are fit for purpose. Products are designed and built with no compromises on quality to deliver optimum performance. Using top quality components and working with the support of strategic partners, as Motul Heavy Duty team, improves PRAMAC offer guaranteeing product performance with global support.

Nicolas Zaugg, Motul Chief Value Office: “We are very proud to be working with PRAMAC, a company well known for its technology, ingenuity and pioneering philosophy. We believe there are many synergies with Motul in these areas. With this partnership, we will contribute to generate more efficient energy, while supporting faster bikes at the MotoGP championship.”

Paolo Campinoti, CEO PRAMAC and Team Principal Pramac Racing: “We are extremely proud of our agreement with Motul. We are sure that this opportunity will establish a long-lasting relationship and bring us great satisfaction! The same satisfaction that we want to obtain in this MotoGP season. A special thank you to Nicolas Zaugg for his enthusiasm in joining our team. Motul combines our work vision seeking constant growth in terms of professionalism and results.”

About Pramac

PRAMAC’s history began in 1966, when the Campinoti family founded a construction equipment company. From its inception, PRAMAC has continually evolved and transformed, expanding its product portfolio and becoming the global benchmark for the production of generators and warehouse material handling equipment.

With 17 subsidiaries and 6 manufacturing plants situated in Europe, Asia and South America, Pramac is present in 150 different countries. Pramac manufactures a complete and flexible product range that satisfies the full spectrum of energy needs to suit customers worldwide. In 2002, Pramac became involved in the MotoGP World Championship with its team “Pramac Racing”, and now, thanks to its strong partnership with Ducati Corse, it plays a leading role in the most prestigious two-wheeled Championship in the world. 2016 saw Pramac become part of the Generac group, listed on the NYSE and part of the S&P 500, forming the world’s third largest generator and lighting tower producer. With the support of around 1050 employees and 80 engineers, PRAMAC has developed technological experience, which is second to none. PRAMAC’S vertically integrated manufacturing processes and the investments made ensure that all the company’s products are designed and built with no compromises on quality to deliver optimum performance.

Using top quality components and working with the support of strategic partnerships, PRAMAC is able to offer guaranteed product performance with global support. PRAMAC’s mission for the future is continued growth, offering leading edge technology and developing solutions that continue to exceed customers’ expectations.

About Motul

Motul is a world-class, French-headquartered company specialised in the formulation, production and distribution of high-tech engine lubricants (two-wheelers, cars, other vehicles and power generators) as well as lubricants for industry via its MotulTech activity.

Unanimously recognised for more than 165 years for the quality of its products, innovation capacity and involvement in the field of competition, Motul is also recognised as the specialist in synthetic lubricants. As early as 1971, Motul was the first lubricant manufacturer to pioneer the formulation of a 100% synthetic lubricant for automotive engines, the 300V lubricant, making use of Esters technology and issued from the aeronautical industry.

Thanks to its involvement in motorsport and endurance races with all types of motors, Motul has developed a unique expertise in the reliable increase of power output. Longer drain intervals, cleaner engines, reduced fuel consumption, higher output, cooler engines are properties achieved thanks to an acute knowledge of additives and synthetic products, all contributing to a substantially lower cost of ownership for the equipment owners.

The Company’s 3 laboratories and 17 subsidiaries focus on developing solutions for all types of industrial equipment that allow an extended life, with a reduced usage of consumables. Motul products and services are developed to make equipment last longer.