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Pramac Gas Fueled Generator Set – Gas to Power

PRAMAC gas fuelled generator sets offer the best technological answer to today’s increasing power demands: in today’s world, continuity of electricity supply is indeed critical to ensure our operations. Extreme weather events are becoming ever more frequent and public utilities are often exposed to stress on the electric distribution systems. Businesses and critical service operations simply cannot afford a power outage, no matter how short in length they may be. Backup power systems are therefore a need to avoid disruption of services and consequent damages deriving from a power outage.

PRAMAC has introduced a new lineup of Gas Generator Sets designed for Natural-Gas or LPG with the highest performance as an emergency system, providing several advantages compared to traditional diesel sets, such as:

• Unlimited run-time with fuel that is always available
• Reduced cost of maintenance because fuel does not deteriorate in time
• No need for fuel first-fill because gas generators do not require on-site fuel storage
• No black smoke thanks to a clean burn, with ultra-low emissions
• Elimination of the environmental hazard due to diesel fuel leaks and spills

Because of its advantages, the PRAMAC gas generator set is the best choice for backup power. Moreover, thanks to low operating costs and reduced emissions, unlike the traditional diesel gen-sets, gas generator sets can be used not only as emergency standby application; with proper configuration, they can generate revenues, turning a cost into a profitable investment, with:

• Reduction of the costs of downtime caused by blackouts and power surges
• Reduction of the fixed charges on the electricity bill, using the gas gen-set to reduce the power peak
• Reduction of the variable charges on the electricity bill, using the gas gen-set to cut the power consumption from the grid during tariff peaks
• Participation to flexibility programs, for example Demand Response, resulting in financial compensation

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