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Products for Leisure and Residential Use Arrives on the DIY Market

For over 50 years, Pramac has been a leading brand in the production of professional generators, outdoor equipment, lighting towers and motor pumps, enjoying great credibility for innovation and quality.

Building on this reputation, the group today launches to the market a new range of products under the PRAMAC brand dedicated to Leisure, Residential & DIY Market for occasional use applications, in addition to back up emergency power.
They enjoy their own identity that leverages the Pramac brand, through a strategy that shifts the attention from the product to the end user, going to intercept its needs in the field and highlighting the benefits for the consumer in terms of serenity, ease of use, both in the workplace and in leisure time.
The new range of Pramac products, which stands out from the professional offer for its anthracite Grey Colour, discreet and elegant, combined with the classic and recognizable Pramac green, synonymous of energy and dynamism, which is used in the product components or inserts, therefore presents a unique identity that DIY enthusiasts will be easily recognisable.
The users of this range are dynamic, passionate and attentive to the home in which they live and personally make improvements to both the family home and lifestyle, where the generator is crucial to get energy; love outdoor life, camping or sailing, where portable energy is of paramount importance in case of emergency.

The customer can therefore choose with confidence the PMi Inverter range – excellent for delivering stabilized energy, the PMD generator – with diesel and soundproofed engines, and the WX series – flexible and safe for use around the home for residential or back up usage. The new Pramac products cover a wide range of applications, guarantee service assistance and the great expertise of the Pramac group, they also borrow the energy that Pramac expresses through the Pramac Racing sport division, a distinctive element and flagship of the Group’s identity.

Pramac products are available here.