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Hybrid Solutions

Pramac provides the market with a large range of Hybrid Solutions, designed to empower telecom sites at very low OPEX. In off grid application, the OPEX reduction can reach -70% with an increase of system lifetime up to + 7,5 years.

Pramac has a range of power options available to suit all types of applications, through engine and battery pack sizing from 300Ah up to 1400Ah, suitable for average loads from 500W up to 5kW.

The hybrid box is the core of the hybrid system and gives the flexibility of adding renewable power sources to the system at any time. With compact dimensions and easy transportation, Pramac solutions allow for low fuel consumption and longer maintenance interval up to 1000hr kit free maintenance. Plug-in installation and remote monitoring available.

Bad Grid Site Application

Off Grid Site Application

DC Electric Output

AC&DC Electric Output

Compact Hybrid

DC variable speed output from 44 to 57 Vdc genset
VRLA battery pack available from 300Ah up to 1400Ah
Anti-theft hinges and screws
Metal fuel tank
Weatherproof enclosure
Double large doors, on each side, for easy service and maintenance
Hybrid box managing the power flow among the genset, the batteries and the PV panels (Option)
Modular design

All in one Series

DC variable speed output from 44 to 57 Vdc genset
VRLA battery pack available from 300Ah up to 1100Ah
Metal fuel tank
Integrated photovoltaic panel
Complete hybrid system which combines DC diesel generator, VRLA Batteries and photovoltaic panels providing OPEX reduction and longer lifecycle
Long run-time, integrated double walled metal fuel tank with 800 liters capacity
Customizable power options available to meet the needs of every installation

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PRAMAC is IDA new member

We are excited to share that Pramac has officially joined IDA, the Italian Data Centre Association. This membership marks a significant milestone for Pramac as we remain dedicated to advancing